Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's Been Awhile!

I want to begin this post with an apology.  I'm sorry for not having been with you for the last few months.  But it's not without good reason.  It has been quite a busy and exciting season for me.  I experienced a powerful worship experience when our church hosted "Fire on the Altar" and 3-day, non-stop, solemn assembly of worship and prayer!  It was one of the most profound experiences in my journey with God!  The results yielded an increased love for God and an intense desire to yield my entire life to Him: every hope, every dream.  I am walking in the power of more love and yieldedness to God in my life. 

But of course, where there's a move of God, the enemy is sure to try to distract.  Just before this momentous occasion, I had an accident in my car.  I wasn't hurt and neither was the other party.  But my car was rendered worthless.  Of course, after much running around, meeting with adjusters, requesting and sending all sorts of documents, and renting a car - the result:  I got $4,000 from my insurance company and I bought a new car! 

A week after "Fire on the Altar", I attended our Women's Retreat (in my new care :-)), where God spoke to me in a most profound way.  "It's time.  It's time for me to take my place in the Kingdom."  The message was so clear!  I was on cloud nine when I returned!  I could tell that something took place in the realm of the Spirit.  I didn't know what was going to happen next, but I had a spirit of anticipation and excitement at what God was going to do next.  God confirmed His word with signs and wonders following!  It wasn't long before the next piece revealed itself.

Just a couple of weeks later, I was told to hurry up and submit my final paper for my course work in Biblical Studies.  Shortly, thereafter, I was presented with my Certificate of Biblical Studies from Immanuel's School of Ministry!  I barely caught my breath when to my surprise, I was being considered for Ordination!  This process would involve meetings before the Pastoral Council, writing papers and answering a lot of questions.  But alas, we were deemend Ordained Ministers of Pastoral Care!  The date - May 15th.  I was thrilled that my family, friends, ministry associates and my congregation from Randolph Village were all in attendance!  I even had a few surprise visitors!  There were cards, gifts and flowers...but there was also an inescapable sense of sobriety that marked the occasion.  I know God has some important and strategic assignments for me, and I didn't realize it at that moment, but He was also in the process of bringing complete deliverance that will equip me for the days ahead. 

I closed my ministry season - "An Evening of Inspiration" at Randolph Village - on a sad note.  The ministry assistant God had given to the ministry was diagnosed with cancer and is very sick, in addition to my friend, who is also battling cancer, having just received news that the cancer may have spread.  Amidst the trials and suffering, we have planned for an all out, no limits, fall worship service! 

There are a number of new things God has on the horizon!  I'm so excited!  For one, I will be reviving this blog with a new format, the launch of a bi-weekly podcast, and new CD project being completed this summer, and in the fall, I will be teaching a new class:  "The Way Makers - A Character Study of John the Baptist".

So don't give up on me!  I'm back and raring to go!  So stayed tuned and tell your friends!  You won't want to miss what God is doing through this ministry! 

"The one who calls you is faithful, and He will do it."  1 Thes. 5:24

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