Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Way Makers Book Club - A Personal Testimony!

“Hi! My name is Cheryl. While attending The WayMakers Book Club, I found out that I have a disease!  I've heard about it a few times in my lifetime, but always pertaining to someone else - not me!  

I have been diagnosed with "Co-dependency"!  I have been co-dependent upon people, especially in friendships that were significant in my life. I took offense very easily, especially when friends wanted to follow their own advice and not mine, and especially if I invested my personal time to minister to them!

Through The Way Makers, I learned the importance of exercising healthy boundaries between them and myself and to give them the free
will that God has given them to choose curses or blessings. I realize I may not agree with the route they want to take, and that they are responsible for their own choices. 

The spirit of offense was so deep in my life; it would challenge my character, tormenting me emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.   At times I would often hear people say, “mind over matter” but in my case the matter was over my mind. I have learned while reading and studying “The Way Makers”, how to choose friends and not to expect the same things from every relationship. Each one stands on its own merit, and I need to invest accordingly.

Through a private, one-on-one session with Minister Angela Gracey, author of “The Way Makers – Ambassadors for Christ”, I learned that when God places me on an assignment, when it's completed, I must move on.  I had soon to find out, personally, when I over stayed my appointed time, I ended up making a mess of the situation, which was supposed to be a testimony for me and the other person.  I had become a personal hindrance to the person's emotions instead of a blessing.

When I complete my training in The Way Makers Book Club, I do believe I will be able to be an effective leader, but I am still learning and growing every day.  I will not say I will never get offended again; I just know how to handle it more appropriately and not let it grow on me.”

        Cheryl – Glen Burnie, MD

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