Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Prophetic Word

Joel 2:28 - Sons and Daughters Prophesy!

"You shall decree a thing and it shall be established." (Job 22:28)  Do you believe you are called to prophesy?  Receive The Word of the Lord!
As Ambassadors of Christ, you are anointed to prophesy.  You have His anointing and His authority to prophesy.  Now is the time!  God is calling His Sons and Daughters to prophesy in the last days.  He is pouring out His Spirit liberally, so that we might step into the flow of the Holy Spirit and begin to declare the Word of the Lord, for the 

The Word of the Lord:

"Arise! Shine! Your light has come! The glory of the Lord is risen upon you! It's time to speak, to decree and declare the mind, will and purposes of God!  

 "Come out from among them (the world), and be separate!  Sanctify yourselves for My Son - The Bridegroom - is coming back for His Bride - The Church!  Prepare the way for Him."  

I will give you the words; I will anoint your voice and give value and volume to your message.  You will speak on My behalf to My people - whether individuals, communities, cities or nations.  

You will speak as an oracle of God; your conversation will be full of grace, but seasoned with salt.  No corrupt communication shall proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good and edifying to the hearer.  I am doing a new thing; before it comes to pass, I will tell you.  I will show you things to come.
Get into My Presence; soak in My Presence; sing unto the Lord a new song; sing praises and worship Me.  I will speak to you and show you great and mighty things that you know not."  

Sons and Daughters:  
Prophesy in the Name of the Lord!

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