Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Preparing The Way in My Family

Over the holidays something happened in my family that was so devastating it has threatened our unity, peace and sense of security.  When I heard about it, I have to say I was so hurt and so heart broken; my sleep was disturbed for several nights.  Finally, after many tears, I heard the Lord speak to my heart.  It was time to take my place as "minister" in my family.  He instructed me to write to the individuals who committed the offense, the person who was offended and the family at large.  I prayed about it, and then I began to write. 

The first communication brought an immediate response and a note of deep repentence was sent to the family.  The second communication was met with silence.  At first I was a little disturbed by that, but now I think better of it.  I think it was really thought provoking and probably caused some measure of introspection.  It's the kind of awkward silence you get when a message "hits home."  I pray that this is the case; but if it isn't, I'm trusting God to bring those words back to their remembrance at just the right time or open another door of opportunity.

I'm not worried because I know I heard God clearly:  "Now is the time for you to step up and minister to your family - to prepare The Way for Me in their lives."  I knew my message had to be redemptive and not judgmental.  I also knew I had done the right thing when my sister called me the very next day after the first communication was sent.  She said she was so glad I had written to the offender because she was looking for me to "step up" and that I did just what she was expecting me to do!  That felt good.  That's the kind of confirmation I'm talking about! 

But as if that weren't enough, this past Saturday, I went to a women's conference.  I was really looking to have my spirit refreshed and renewed for the new year.  It was most encouraging and really strengthened my spirit.  The worship was absolutely powerful and the message was excellent!  But at the very end, there was a time of personal ministry and I went up for prayer.  As I stood waiting to be prayed for, I was thinking about what my prayer request would be; but when I got up there, the Holy Spirit said, "sshh".  So the Minister of the hour just began to pray and this is what she said:  "God is going to use you to minister to your family.  He's going to make it very clear what you are to say to them.  But pray first before you speak, so that their hearts will be prepared to receive it."  WOW!  Confirmation yet again!!  I had never met this woman; we did not know each other at all, and yet here was specific confirmation!! 

This is how God is going to move in our lives.  When He speaks to us, it is imperative that we respond in immediate obedience and then trust Him for the outcome.  I have a vision of my family being reunited in God as a new family - where old things (generational curses) are passed away, and behold all things are become new!!  I am a Way Maker in my family and Jesus is "The Way". 

Allow Him to use you to be a Way Maker in your family.  After all, the promise of "salvation is for you AND your household!"   Acts 2:39

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